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Embrace a culture of organisational wellness and decrease the incidence of health conditions & illness

A thriving, healthier and happier workforce

We’re excited to introduce our innovative wellness app and comprehensive support programs designed to rejuvenate the health and well-being of employees within large organisations. Our proven science-based products are tailored to your company’s needs and we work with you to drive engagement and optimise results for your people and for your organisation.

Ignition Go is flexible to your needs

Personalised  Content

App: Podcasts, videos, blogs, emails, challenges, app notifications

Expert Seminars

On-line and live events with our wide panel of experts on important health topics

Themed Courses

Short courses on specific lifestyle topics to meet the needs of your team or organisation

Community  Support

Social wellbeing and peer support digital chat groups for people with similar goals

Health Coaching

Individual and group coaching with specialist health & life coaches

Training Programmes

Health Champions, Line Managers and Leadership Team Training & Consultancy

Try our 4 week workplace lifestyle health challenge.
With a 95.5% satisfaction score it’s fun, suitable for everyone and delivers
best-in-class results.

 Personalised solutions for all

Validated & proven results

We prioritise delivering results through evidence-based programs.  Independently researched, reviewed by external experts and delivered by a team of passionate professionals. 

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Sharon Daly

    The programme has been a real hit with our staff and the outcomes and engagement has been phenomenal. Working with the Ignition Go team is an absolute pleasure and a partnership throughout. They are truly passionate and committed to supporting people to achieve their best health.

    Sharon Daly

    Health & Wellbeing Manager

    Anne Farrell. CIE

      “This is a refreshing, new and a more satisfying way to work with an external provider. Having flexibility in the approach and responding to our requests has been invaluable.”

      Anne Farrell. CIE

      Health Promotion Officer

      Sharon Daly

        Despite the variety of needs and challenges across our staff network, there is something in the programme for everyone, including high engagement from our largely male demographic. An unexpected outcome of the programme has been an increase in staff engaging in the wider health and wellbeing programme including health checks and smoking cessation.

        Sharon Daly

        Irish Rail Health & Wellbeing Manager

        Anne Farrell

          “Ignition Go is one of the first external wellbeing providers that really has taken the time to understand the culture of the company. Their insights have been what has made the difference in how they have communicated so well with our staff. ”

          Anne Farrell


          Sharon Daly

            The results achieved from the programme are outstanding, particularly improvements in nutrition sleep and mood. Weight loss was also a positive side effect for many staff. As a large organisation with over 4,500 employees there is a huge comfort in knowing that our staff are in safe hands with the Ignition Go team.

            Sharon Daly