About Us

We are a team of passionate professionals made up of nurses, health coaches, nutritionists and a lifestyle medicine doctor.

We champion lifestyle health driving meaningful health changes for individuals, groups, and companies. We help people become more energetic, more productive, and enjoying life to the full both in and out of the workplace. The increasing burden of chronic disease in workplaces can be solved, and we are your partners to achieve this. Less absenteeism and sick days is better for all concerned.

Our Story

The Ignition Go team, led by Siobhan Dee has an unwavering passion for health with a commitment to simplifying complex medical information. The driving force behind our journey is helping people to participate in their own health journey.

Having worked as a nurse across various countries, Siobhan became deeply troubled by the rising incidence of chronic diseases among middle aged populations often resulting in a compromised work and personal life.

Despite becoming a senior leader in the pharmaceutical industry, Siobhan’s pursuit of solutions led her to a pivotal realisation: the remarkable power of Lifestyle Medicine. It became evident that the way we live significantly influences our health and how we respond to medical interventions. Despite mounting evidence indicating that healthy lifestyles could prevent up to 80% of chronic illnesses, this crucial information was often overlooked in traditional medical approaches. Despite her best efforts she could not persuade her Pharma colleagues to share her passion for this topic or share the information.

Fuelled by the scientific evidence on the transformative impact of lifestyle choices on well-being and her relentless drive to help people become the healthiest possible versions of themselves, Siobhan chose to champion this cause independently, leading her to establish her company, Ignition Go Health. Witnessing the transformations and improvements in employee health as well as positively impacting the culture of companies has proven beyond all doubt that healthier people produce healthier happier and more resilient companies.

80% of chronic disease is preventable.

Our survey of over 1,000 employees showed that 60% have two or more metabolic health risks including high blood pressure, cholesterol, liver fat, fatigue and unhealthy weight.

  • In a recent 6 month Ignition Go ‘real life’ study in a large organisation of day workers, shift workers & night workers 91% of participants said the programme was valuable to their health.
  • There were significant improvements in nutrition, exercise & sleep.
  • There was also significant improvements in quality of life reported in terms of mood, energy and outlook in life.
  • All of this is proven to significantly improve metabolic health.

6 Month Study

Consumption of 3 or more vegetables per day increased from 16%  to 46%.  

Consumption of  3 or more types of fruit per day increased from 21% to 37% 

 30 minutes of moderate intensity exercise 5 days per week increased from 34% to 65% 

Those getting 6-8 hours of sleep every day increased from 42% to 56% 

What about wellbeing?  

“I have feel cheerful & in good spirits most of the time” increased from 28% to 56% 

“I have felt calm & relaxed most of the time” increased from 28%  to 54% 

“I have felt active & vigorous most or all of the time” increased from 17% to 33%  

These are real life transformations. Lifestyle  changes were made as part of everyday life just following the programme.  

What Participants Are Saying   

    "I have learned so much. I have changed my diet, lost a stone and am happier. I feel healthier and stronger."

      "I have lost a total of 24lbs since I started and I feel I am making more conscious decisions to improve my health in the long term and am no longer looking for quick fixes!"

        "I found the tips on gut health to be useful, having gastrointestinal issues."

          "I lowered my cholesterol without medication."

            "I have made huge changes to my personal well-being, losing weight and feeling much better. I also have a better understanding of Nutrition."

              "My husband reversed his type 2 diabetes from things I learned on this programme. Thank you!"

                "The tone of delivery is really good and the care from the Ignition Go team is second to none. "

                  "The on-line group calls are great and I get to see colleagues from all over the company which I love too. It helps me feel part of everything. "

                    "As a manager it focused me on proven reasons for absenteeism and how to help with productivity. I am working harder at getting staff buy in for wellbeing."