A Business Case for Workplace Wellness Programs

Workplace wellness programs are a strategic investment that not only enhance the health and well-being of the employees but also deliver tangible returns on the investment. So, if you invest in a good workplace wellness program, what are the tangible benefits you can expect in return? One review of over 20 different studies of workplace […]

Costs & Solutions for Employee Absenteeism

Absence from work carries a significant price tag for companies, both financially and operationally. In Ireland, the average cost for an employer is close to €600 per employee annually and in the UK employers can expect to allocate at least £500 per employee annually to cover absenteeism costs. Alarming statistics from the Office for National […]

Drivers at much higher risk of getting Diabetes

A recent study of the top 35 occupations has found that drivers have up to a three fold risk of getting type 2 diabetes than some other occupations. Why might this be? Can you get high blood sugar just because you spend so much time behind the wheel? Well yes, if you don’t understand and […]

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes in the Workplace

It is estimated that there is close to a quarter of a million people in Ireland living with diabetes. 90% is type 2 which is lifestyle related and for the majority both avoidable and reversible. The majority of those with diabetes are part of the workforce, unlike 20 years ago when type 2 was regarded […]

The low down on metabolic health

HEALTHY WEIGHT, METABOLIC HEALTH, AND COVID KILO’S HOW IS IT RELATED AND WHAT IS IT? In this unsettling era of Covid-19 related illness, hospital admissions were 6 times higher for those with poor metabolic health and 12 times higher in those that lost their lives to the disease. Many of the underlying conditions that are […]

How to boost immune health

While we have all been washing our hands diligently and maintaining social distancing like our life depends on it maybe it’s time to ask ourselves what else might help to avoid illness and boost our immune system. The beauty of having a strong immune system is that it can help you avoid many illnesses. It […]

The Fastest Way to Lose Tummy Fat

Many of the people I work with have tummy fat still I hate to talk about it. It’s a thorny and emotive subject, not healthy to obsess about and not healthy to ignore. Expanding waistlines tell a lot about our state of health and is often the looking glass into our future health. The bottom […]