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This unique video series created by Ignition Go Health for Dublin Bus shift workers is designed to give you the information to help you understand how you can feel great both on and off your shift.

Sign up confidentially to the introduction to shift worker health series and discover the tips that can make a big difference to feeling a whole lot better.

A concise series of 6 video’s, each one is just 5 minutes in length and packed with information that is useful for  all.

How Ignition Go will help you

Topics include understanding your body clock, less stress, sleep better, eat for fullness and health and how to boost your immune system.

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This short course is completely confidential and names will not be shared with Dublin Bus. Video’s can be watched on a phone, tablet or computer.

It is not intended to replace medical advice and is purely a lifestyle course. Always consult your doctor if making big changes.


Shift Worker Health Intro Course

Ignition Go Health is a health focussed company that has a special interest in workplace health and shift-worker health. They have worked with another CIE group company, Irish Rail for the past 3 years and have many raving testimonials and lots of data to show that their programmes get results.

This is a short and brief introductory course on some key topics that research shows is important to shift worker health. Topics include diet and nutrition, understanding your body clock, how to improve sleep and how to deal with stress.

It will be delivered to your email address of your choice. It will also be available on Yammer.

No, you can use a personal email (or phone number). We suggest you use the one you look at most often, whatever is the most convenient for you!

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We use a fully secure third party data management system. All of your data will be deleted from our system once the 3 month period concludes. You have the option to unsubscribe at any time and your data is automatically deleted. We do not collect cookies or share your data with Dublin Bus, The CIE group or any other organisation.

No. Unless you chose to tell them yourself we will not share any names of participants. You will not be asked for any information other than what is absolutely necessary to share the content with you in the most efficient way which is likely to be a first name and an email address

No. This is an introductory course and is designed exclusively for information sharing.

While each video is brief it is jam packed with a lot of valuable learnings and tips. If you implement even some of this information you should expect to sleep and feel better. Importantly you will have a lot of information on how to be a healthier version of yourself. After that it is up to you to start adding in new healthy habits.

Over the course of 3-4 weeks we will send you 2 video links per week. Each video is approximately 5 minutes in length. Each video will be accompanied by key tips from the video so you know how to implement some of the information immediately.

Let’s get you back to feeling great.
We are in your corner all the way and look forward to supporting you.
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