Ready to take control of your health for the better?

The Diabetes Dept. welcomes all Iarnród Éireann staff to the Ignition Go programme

Whole person health is what we’re about

We know the journey to better health can be difficult. Not to mention all of the conflicting messages that make it even harder.

Our mission is to make health messages easy for you to understand and to show you how you can have so much power over your own health.

We are science-driven and will help you to create lifestyle habits that improve mood, energy & overall health.

This is all available to you in the Ignition Go Programme.

Driving your health in the right direction.

Just ten minutes a day is all you need for Ignition Go.

It’s about tiny steps but they all add up. You will be amazed after a few months how much better you feel by making small consistent changes.

We’ll help you identify what you are already doing well and how to build on that – no matter where you are in your journey.

How Ignition Go will help you

Ignition Go is a flexible programme that is delivered in a variety of ways to suit your busy lifestyle.

The objective of Ignition Go is to provide information that makes a meaningful difference. We provide a personal service. We listen and will help you to work through your health and lifestyle challenges and we will be here to support you all the way.

Personalise Lifestyle Habits

Know what motivates you and how to establish good habits. Willpower alone rarely works. Ignition Go makes it so much easier.

Feel more refreshed

Find out how to improve your quality of sleep, cope with shift work, and fight fatigue.

Power Up

Boost your immune system and increase your energy levels. Reduce risks of long term illness and disease.

Fill up on Nutrition

Get to understand benefits of real food and how to eat well at home or in restaurants without feeling hungry or compromising on taste.

Improve your mood

Reduce your stress, learn easy mindfulness and meditation techniques, improve movement and social connections.

Improve or Avoid diabetes

Understand chronic illness and Type 2 diabetes. Know the risks & signs, and decrease it’s impact on the health of you and your family.

You’re in charge

The Ignition Go App

When you sign up for Ignition Go you will get access to our App, which will be your personal health toolbox with up to date lifestyle science made easy to understand in podcasts, videos, articles and your personal health journal.

You can decide when and where to access the information on your Ignition Go app.

Even 10 minutes per day can make a big difference. You will have the tools and knowledge to make a positive impact on your own health.

We’re Here for you

Regular Communication

We will let you know everything that’s happening from live events to special programmes and everything that will be of interest to you.

Access to Incredible Expert Speakers

Regular online group sessions where you have the opportunity to put your questions to the experts. Speakers will be recorded and available on the App for those who cannot attend.

Ignition Go Live Events

An opportunity to hear more expert speakers, socialise with colleagues and leave with helpful tips and advice that will be beneficial to you on your wellness journey.

Driving your health in the right direction!
We are in your corner all the way and look forward to supporting you.
Join Ignition Go

Take your first step towards better health and wellbeing here.

We take confidentiality very seriously and will not share your personal data with Iarnród Éireann or anyone else.

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