We focus on the transformative impact of lifestyle health

Our programmes are designed to give people the knowledge and the know how to experience the benefits of new health habits. It’s about implementation not just information. Programmes can be personalised to make them relevant & meaningful. Alternatively we can do group challenges & events. Or both! We meet your needs. 

They can be tailored to any industry or workforce and are scalable to all types of  employees, day workers, shift workers, night workers and all age groups. 

Types of programmes offered

We offer both general and specialist programmes which can be tailored to meet your needs.

Covering all of the pillars of lifestyle medicine this 6- 12 month programme is based on the science of behaviour change and the principle of helping people to add  new habits to their existing routine. It can be personalised according to the user’s needs or the whole group can go through the programme together at the same pace.

This Ignition Go programme has been proven to deliver significant results in an organisation of 5,000 employees making a positive difference to both employees and companies alike.  

Supports can be added to make the programme more interactive and to sustain motivation and engagement for the best possible outcomes. 

We can also create an internal communications and marketing strategy for you to optimise sign-ups, participation and results.  

Themes include:

  • Mindset for Change
  • Nutrition – Food for Life
  • Sleep & Rejuvenation
  • Movement & Exercise
  • Mood & Mental Wellbeing
  • Avoiding Common Health Issues
Having ambassadors for your health & wellbeing initiatives within the organisation pays huge dividends. Peer to peer influence is particularly powerful and leads to better outcomes. Champions can be hugely influential to get other employees involved and to be a confidante for co-workers to confide in or to be signposted to the right resources.   Training this group of volunteers will give them more confidence in communicating with colleagues on health and wellbeing issues that may arise, and a greater sense of purpose within the organisation.   The training includes: 
  • Instilling an understanding of the concept of lifestyle health. 
  • Identifying signs of mental & physical ill-health. 
  • Communicating in an empathetic way. 
  • Motivating colleagues to participate in wellbeing initiatives. 
  • How to work with the wellness team. 
  • How to get the best from the champion network. 

Shift workers are at higher risk of chronic disease as well as having higher personal and public safety risks. There has been little attention paid to the health of shift workers yet the World Health Organisation classify it as “probably carcinogenic”. 

This is especially applicable to night workers who are at an even higher increased risk of type II diabetes, gastrointestinal disorders, breast and colorectal cancers, increased heart and stroke problems, obesity, depression, and memory loss. Yet the majority are not aware of this nor do they know how they can mitigate against these health issues.

Programme topics include:

  • Biological clocks and its significant impact on health.
  • Getting the most from  sleep and rest in shift work and how to avoid fatigue.
  • Optimum nutrition made easy for shift work.
  • How to deal with stress and tiredness.
  • The meaning and value of self-care in shift work.


This programme can be done on-line, in person or a combination of both.  

We believe that organisations and society have a care of duty to night workers who often tend to be the forgotten shift. 

Type 2 Diabetes is the fastest growing chronic disease in many countries and is both preventable and reversible for most people. While there is some genetic influence this disease is largely caused by lifestyle and the right adjustments can help many people be symptom & drug free. 

For the many people with a diagnosis of diabetes, pre-diabetes or insulin resistance it is possible to reverse or considerably improve symptoms.

Programme topics include:

  • Understanding pre-diabetes, Type 1 & Type 2
  • How food impacts our blood sugar
  • How lifestyle affects our blood sugar
  • Why good blood sugar is important for good general health
  • Heart, kidney and eye health in diabetes
  • How to keep my family diabetes free

Many people are not aware of the impact that their lifestyle has on their health. They mistakenly believe that our health is determined by our genes. 80% is not and this introduction programme shows participants just how much they can positively influence their health.

This is a shorter programme where groups with similar needs attend group sessions.

The programme includes:

  • The pillars and value of lifestyle health
  • The connection between emotional and physical health
  • How food can be energising or inflammatory
  • The health significance of movement & exercise
  • Why sleep underpins our health

For Everyone

Ignition Go is designed to allow employees to engage in a way that suits their needs, learning style, and schedule. Personalised to meet individual needs and with various options available, everyone can choose what works best for them.

  • Content: Podcasts, videos, blogs, email, app notifications
  • Coaching: Group or individual coaching
  • Q & A’s with specialist health experts
  • Communities: Peer support & accountability groups
  • Team Challenges: A fun way to include everyone

How We Deliver Results


We spend time exploring exactly where the needs are and design a programme that will deliver results for everyone


Our high levels of engagement are a result of us getting a deep understanding of your people and tailoring an on point communications strategy


We constantly monitor engagement, results and optimism. We analyse the data and do deep dives into topics of high interest


We nurture a positive health culture within the strategic objectives of the business to enable both business & employees to flourish

    “Building a strong open relationship between the Ignition Go team and the Health & Wellbeing team has been crucial to the success. The expertise and dedication of the provider to take a flexible and supportive role was key to the positive outcomes and maintaining this level of collaboration and understanding of the business needs will help ensure the programme continues to evolve flexibly and meet the needs of employees”

      "Feedback from participants was hugely positive in terms of personal benefits for them and their families”

        “Great for accountability, motivation & increasing confidence”

          “Positive weight loss, there was no focus on it but it just happened. Some people reported losing up to 2 stone”

            “Health & Wellbeing champions really liked it and wanted to promote it”

              “Feedback from the staff who engaged in the programme was hugely positive in terms of the personal benefits to them as well as to their families”